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Paddock Spy

Keeping an eye on the world of F1

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A general F1 fan community for news, fics and pics
Paddock Spy is a wide ranging community for F1 Fans. It encompasses a variety of things including fan fiction, news articles, fan art, pictures and much more. We promote friendly banter over aspects of F1, be they drivers, incidents, clothing and races in general.

If you've spotted something in F1 that you think someone else might like to know or you'd like to talk about it, you've come to the right place. Conspiracy theories are welcome.

We welcome any type of F1 fan fiction, so both slash and het, but we wish to point authors who write slash towards our sister comm of f1slash who specialise in this area, and also have a dedicated archive and fanbase. paddock_spy is now focussing more on het fan fic. However, if you wish to post (or cross post) slash here, we ask that authors tag their entries appropriately to denote the type of fiction being posted.

As with all fic, comments are greatly appreciated and constructive criticism (concrit) is allowed. Any sensitive feedback should be sent directly to the author, but inappropriate feedback may result in a user being banned.

We kindly request that you refer to the help posts for more information. Tips for posting fics, Tips for tagging

Information about Beta's can be found

All our archives are stored here

We do not request that everything be flocked. This is left up to the discretion of each member, however we recommend that information etc deemed sensitive be flocked for safety/privacy.

Any questions, please contact ladyofsalzburg. Also accepting adoring fan mail now!