May 23rd, 2008

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Tips for Fics

For ease, we recommend that information for fics should be along the following lines.  This is only for guidance.

Authors Note:

While we welcome any type of fan fic here, we request that authors tag and add relevant warnings to their work so that members who may not appreciate a particular style will not be offended.  More information on the
tagging entry.

Because we welcome different types of fan fic, we understand that certain members may wish to write themselves into a fic.  This is fine but all we ask that it be done with taste and sense and does not interfere with the quality of the fic.  If there are any queries about this, please ask.

Comments are greatly appreciated and constructive criticism (concrit) is allowed.  Any sensitive feedback should be sent directly to the author, but inappropriate feedback may result in a user being banned.

For more information on Beta's please see Tips for Beta's.
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Tips for Tagging

We request that all posts are tagged, especially fics which should denote whether the fic is 'slash' or 'het'.  

This enables members to find what they want easily and to help avoid embarassing situations from clicking on the wrong link.

To clarify:
'Slash' is for man/man
'Het' or 'heterosexual' is for man/woman
'Femme slash' is for woman/woman 

Conspiracy theories should also be tagged as 'conspiracy' or 'conspiracy theory'.  While we all like a joke, if you wish to make joke conspiracy theories, please denote this in tagging by adding 'joke' where relevant.

Tagging is quite simple here - just tag what type of entry it is, eg fic / news / picspam etc, then tag any main characters / people in your entry.  Other tags are added for more clarification and ease of sorting entries eg you may tag fic as: fic, slash / fic, het.

Anyone can tag, so if there is not already a tag for you, please create one.

If there are any problems with tagging or any suggestions about it, please comment here.  Thank you.
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Tips for Beta's

Having a Beta reader or Proof reader is not compulsary though it is recommended.  
While not intending any disrespect, beta or proof readers have shown to be particularly helpful in two main areas:

- longer fics.
- authors who have English as their second language. 

However, having a beta or proof reader does not mean it is the end of the world.  We are happy for members to use non LJ friends as a beta reader if they wish, provided that their standard of English is good.  

Authors please remember that your beta, whoever it may be, gives up their time and puts in a lot of work to proof read.  We request that whoever your beta is, they are acknowledged for their work.   

If you wish to put forward your services as a beta reader, please comment to this entry.  It's fine to give a brief introduction saying why you wish to be a beta reader, and also how you wish to be contacted for beta purposes. 

Beta's so far are as follows.  Contact details below in comments: